Friday links // Blogging again

11:37 AM

TGIF! I'm so glad that after this long hiatus I decided to come back on a Friday. 

So much has happened over the past month or so that I don't actually want or know how to go back and hash out feelings and events. So I'll give some highlights so we're caught up if I reference things later. 

Chris and I took a wonderful vacation to Florida in August. The trip included a stop in Fayetteville and a day trip to Savanna. I rode my first jet ski in the keys and survived. I definitely want to do it again. 

(giant lobster in the keys)

I started babysitting my baby nephew full time in the city. I'm here now he's napping and he's super cute. I probably won't post on him though. Just know he's amazing.

I cut my hair! I no longer have a mullet, but you probably didn't know I had a mullet because I think that happened while I wasn't blogging. Now I have a Amelie inspired do. Short Bob and baby bangs ❤️

Post summer I've been gigging a lot more and recently got to play at Carnegie for the first time. I also played my first wedding and started to play with an orchestra in jersey. So be ready for more oboe related posts and hopefully more travely posts. Thia weekend Chris and I will be playing in d.c., super stoked. 

(The Chapel from the wedding)

I think we're pretty caught up now. On to the Friday links!

Hope you  have an amazing weekend!


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